Design and guarantee of approval of funding under the ELENa Program by the European Investment Bank, for the region of Lisbon

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S317 consultants led and were responsible for designing and guaranteeing the approval of funding under the ELENA Program for the Region of Lisbon, in Portugal. ELENA funds were used for structuring programs, business plans and additionally needed energy audits, preparing tendering procedures and contracts, and paying for project implementation units.


The implementation of the ELENA Program for the Region of Lisbon results in final estimated energy savings of 88.7GW/yr. In relative terms the potential energy savings (in final energy) are estimated foreseeing a 20% consumption energy reduction in buildings, 55% in traffic lights and 15% in street lighting system. In addition, the program contributes to producing about 4.0GWh/yr of renewable energy. Consequently, the project is expected to result in emission reduction of 38,810 tCO2e/yr.