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S317 Consulting (www.s317consulting.com) is a Portuguese policy management and engineering boutique Consultancy Company that advises governments, businesses and industries in energy, water, waste, carbon and sustainability.


The company enables the clients – governments, agencies, regulators, utilities and private sector - to design better public policies, to manage their assets in an optimal way and thus help to save money and time, minimize risks, use resources more efficiently, maximize results in a sustainable manner and promote best practices and optimal regulatory framework. The company advises the Portuguese and foreign governments, municipalities and public and private companies in the design and implementation of projects and regulation of services, infrastructure and utilities, namely in the fields of environmental law and public law.


While the company is relatively young, S317 Consulting experienced team has been developing a strong track record in both energy and water sectors for the past four decades, gathering an extensive experience in design and implementation of public policy in these two sectors. S317 Consulting team members has worked in the past for GIZ, for the Brazilian Government, the Cape Verde Government, OECD, for Regulatory bodies in Portugal, and for the Portuguese Government. S317 Consulting team members has extensive experience not only in engineering but also in legal and contractual regulation, economic regulation, quality of service regulation and service level both in Portugal and abroad, allowing it to deliver the best of public policy design and implementation.


The experienced team members achieved large international recognition, one of them for instance as member of the board of directors of the International Water Association (IWA) since 2012 and honoured with the IWA Award for Outstanding Contribution to Water Management and Science. That team member is the former president (12 years of mandate) of the Portuguese Water and Waste Services Regulatory Authority (ERSAR), an independent administrative authority regulating about 500 utilities providing those public services in Portugal, and advised several Portuguese governments and the Ministers for Environment, Water and Energy, leading several policy development changes that transformed the water and waste sectors in Portugal in the past 20 years.


In the energy sector, other team members have experience not only as members of the Portuguese Government advising the Secretary of State for Energy, but also leading the Portuguese Energy Governmental Agency and the European Network of Energy Agencies. The company team members designed and implemented the legislative changes, which allowed Portugal to be one of the leaders in the renewable energy revolution in the past years.


S317 Consulting project portfolio includes projects in Portugal as well as in several foreign countries both in policy design and project implementation.


S317 Consulting team uses project management tools to guarantee successful implementation and our methodology of work aims to ensure alignment of customer needs with efficiency and effectiveness in achieving the deliverables of the work in order to maximize the return for the client avoiding waste time and inefficiencies.

In this context, S317 Consulting is fully committed to perform its work based on:

· The development and implementation of an operational approach based on the application of specific methodologies that guarantees successful delivery of all outputs on time and on budget.

· The application of knowledge and experience of the team in previous projects including testing and adaptation of ideas.

· The creation of a strong and flexible framework, including the client team to ensure an efficient and permanent communication. This guarantees local ownership at all stages and maximum knowledge transfer and local skills development.

· The company senior team supervisory experience provides access to a high-level network of officials and professionals that can enrich the project results.

· Using a project management support methodology for effective control between the management and the project team in order to optimize the project deliverables, in particular, ensuring the required level of quality, compliance with deadlines and the minimizing associated costs.

· The company guarantees continuous project management and review, so we can adjust at any time with minimal loss and delay.

· The company is committed to our team members and client safety during the project.

· The company uses our experience and project management tools to mitigate project risk.


African Electricity Markets Regulation
Assistência Técnica para Elaboração do Regulamento e Normas de Gestão e Abastecimento de Água em Situação de Escassez de Recursos
Assistência Técnica para Elaboração do Regulamento e Normas de Gestão e Abastecimento de Água em Situação de Escassez de Recursos
Cape Verde Water Reform
Consultancy on financing and implementation of Energy Efficiency Projects for Save2Compete
Design and guarantee of approval of funding under the ELENa Program by the European Investment Bank, for the region of Lisbon
Design and implementation of an Energy Agency in Brazil
Design and implementation of the new framework of the Portuguese Energy Reduction Voluntary Agreement for Industrial facilities
Design of the Performance Contracts legislation for the Public Administration in Portugal
Energy Efficency Funding Application Process
Implementation of the new regulatory model for the Portuguese Water and Waste Regulator (ERSAR)
Industrial Energy Efficiency Program in Mexico
Mathematical model of the Portuguese electricity market with the increase of renewables and energy efficiency incentives
Recast of the Energy Efficiency Directive and Building Audit Certification Scheme in Portugal
Recast of the Energy Efficiency Directive and Building Audit Certification Scheme in Serbia
Recast of the Energy Performance Building Directive (EPBD) to Portugal
Serviços de Consultoria para Assistência Técnica ao IRSEA (Instituto Regulador dos Serviços de Electricidade e de Água)
Support a policy of sustainable development of basic sanitation in Portugal
Support to development of the Public Policy regarding suitable Water and Waste services in Portugal
Training and Technical Assistance in IPMVP and ISO 50001
Voluntary Energy Rationalization Scheme for Transports