PROWATERMAN – water, aquatic ecosystems and human activities

Thematic Area
Water, energy and Food
Melides, Grândola
Querença-Silves, Algarve
Application Areas
Water Resources
Water point
Well protection zone
Nitrates in Silves aquifer Well
Livestock around the lagoon
Melides Lagoon
Melides lagoon in drought
Melides creek



Analysis of the environmental, institutional &socioeconomic dimensions towards the definition of an efficient integrated & sustainable water management, protecting its quality & quantity and the efficiency of its uses, integrating the superficial, coastal and groundwater components in Querença-Silves & Sines aquifers (Melides area).

Definition of good practices’ guidelines for the preservation of water quality & quantity even on climate change scenarios.


  • Define god practices for sustainable water management.
  • Annalise environmental, socioeconomic & institutional factors of integrated water management.


Querença-Silves & Melides: Direct recharge &external recharge from creeks; water availability & quality (actual & under climate change);

Querença-Silves: Risk to drought; Identification of areas for artificial recharge;

Melides: Vulnerability to pollution; Pollution sources, travel times & pollution loads reaching water bodies; pollution loads under climate change; risk to pollution; good practices of water protection; mitigation measures & priority areas of intervention.

Next challenges

Further studies of artificial recharge & evaluation of its efficiency as a strategy to store water surplus (Querença-Silves)

Improve knowledge of hydraulic connections between surface and groundwater bodies (Melides e Querença-Silves)

Improve the evaluation of travel times & pollution loads, by pollution source, reaching the water environment (Melides)

Application of the good practices & mitigation measures

Monitoring of the efficiency of such good practices & mitigation measures