Lisbon Drainage Master Plan 2016-2030

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Water and Cities
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Lisbon Drainage Master Plan 2016-2030



This study intended to update and review the information and interventions prosed in the previous Lisbon Drainage Master Plan, ensuring that the interventions to be prioritized for 2016-2030 are compatible with the PGDL and city evolution, including the revitalization of Lisbon neighbourhoods.


  • Verify the proposed solutions concerning specific flooding problems which occur frequently in some city locations
  • Update the information on the main stormwater drainage system
  • Compare flow estimates presented in PGDL with the existing results on precipitation and flow monitoring
  • Check to what extent a set of planned interventions are compatible with PGDL
  • Analyse the solutions proposed for flooding mitigation in PGDL and propose preliminary solutions to control floods in critical Lisbon areas
  • Review PGDL interventions plan
  • Identify additional sections in the drainage system where monitoring is needed and submit a register updated plan


This study culminated in the elaboration of the Lisbon Drainage Master Plan 2016-2030, addressing the concerns of the local executive, defining approaches and strategies for short and medium-term interventions, in order to meet the current and future challenges of water drainage in Lisbon, priorizing the protection of people and goods, within a framework of economic, social and environmental sustainability.