Bafatá Misti Mas Iagu – Water Supply and Management in Bafatá II (BMMI)

Thematic Area
Sustainable Development and International Cooperation
Water and Cities
Bafatá (Guinea-Bissau)
Application Areas
Water Services
Water Resources
Local or Regional Administration
Bafatá Misti Mas Iagu ("Batafá wants more Water" in Creole Guinean)
Bafatá Misti Mas Iagu (Bafatá wants more Water, in Guinean Creole)



Continuing the work developed in the Bafatá, Bafatá Misti Mas Iagu ("Bafatá wants more Water" in Creole Guinean) allowed to maximize the results obtained in Misti Iagu project:

  • Coverage of drinking water supply increased from 48,6% to 75,5% (9.967 beneficiaries);
  • The capacities of local actors have been strengthened. Currently, ASPAAB is considered a reference in the water sector in the country.
  • 7.510 people benefited from education/awareness raising actions.



  • Sustainable access to improved water sources increased in Bafatá.


To achieve the goal, 4 results have been established:

  • R1. Water supply and sanitation Master Plan established.
  • R2. ASPAAB capacity reinforced in order to guarantee the sustainability of water supply in Bafatá.
  • R3. Rehabilitation and expansion of the water supply infrastructure for increased service form improved water sources in Bafatá.
  • R4. Positive changes in behaviors, knowledge and practices regarding hygiene, public health and payment for the water services promoted.