European Investment Bank (EIB) Financing Management Unit for Angola

Thematic Area
Water and Cities
Luanda, Angola
Application Areas
Water Services
Water Resources
Central Administration
Local or Regional Administration



AdP Internacional manages the consultancy services contract with the European Investment Bank (BEI) to implement the financing provided by this financial agency (2021 - 2023) to support the development of the water and sanitation sector in Angola (Lunda Norte, Namibe and Moxico) creating a multidisciplinary Financing Management Unit (UGF) to ensure the effectiveness of funding application, supporting the National Water Directorate of MINEA in Angola.


  • Monitor and coordinate the contracting process, project supervision and financial management.
  • Monitor and coordinate the services of the consultants and the works implemented within the scope of the project.
  • Support DNA in all matters related to the implementation of project activities.
  • Coordinate and monitor the planning and implementation activities of all project activities.
  • EIB financing management and contact with intervening institutions.


EIB Procurement Plan with parts tender for service contracts and works outlined.

Hiring Management and Financial Management Systems implemented.

Technical Assistance to EPAS in the bidding process.

Technical studies for the cities of Dundo, Luena and Moçâmedes prepared.

Stakeholders in the Provinces of Lunda Norte, Moxico and Namibe consulted and integrated into the project.

Next challenges

The EIB FMU implements all processes for the execution of the amount of parallel funding made available to support the development of the water sector in the target provinces of Luena, Moxico and Lunda Norte.