Rehabilitation and construction of the water supply system in Ataúro Island

Thematic Area
Sustainable Development and International Cooperation
Water and Cities
Ataúro Island, East-Timor
Application Areas
Water Services
Central Administration
Island Coast



Ataúro is a small island located 25 km from Dili, with severe shortage of fresh water, especially during the driest months.

Águas de Portugal was responsible for the technical and financial supervision of the construction of the water catchment and the distribution system in the Island of Ataúro.

He was also responsible for the coordination of contractors, inspection teams, transportation of all materials from Dili to Ataúro


  • Improve the availability of drinking water on the Island of Ataúro to the population (about 5,000 inhabitants)


Installation of a 30-km pipeline, construction of three reservoirs (with a total capacity of 150 m3), installation of 36 public drinking fountains, and construction of five new water distribution networks and rehabilitation of two other existing networks. AdP was also responsible for providing training, in a work context, to 10 local technicians, in areas such as operation and maintenance of water supply systems.