Operator under a service contract with EAGB

Thematic Area
Sustainable Development and International Cooperation
Water and Cities
Water, energy and Food
Application Areas
Water Services
Local or Regional Administration



Support to EAGB in strengthening its operational and managerial capacity in respect to its Water and Electricity service provision


  • PHASE C - Transfer of knowledge and power
  • PHASE B - Implementation of the action plan
  • PHASE A - Diagnosis and development of a detailed work plan


Governance and management, including: i) updating the statutes, in accordance with the legislation in force and the development needs of the company; ii) empowerment of the Board of Directors; iii) the implementation of a concession and performance contract fixing the attributions and missions of EAGB; iv) definition of a formal model for reporting KPI’s to the supervisory authority and other important authorities

Economic and financial equilibrium of the EAGB, as a means of meeting the necessary investments, the high costs of the acquisition of fuels and the definition of a balanced tariff from the point of view of the State, the customer and the company. In the financial area, support to the implementation of a new information system (ERP+CRM) to support the financial sector

Improved operational performance based on an increase in production capacity, as a determining element for a consistent supply of the needs of populations and businesses, with the main objective of improving the means of production, taking into account the limitations of current means and the limitations already noted by report on the investments that will be made and the expectations of the population

Improvement of water quality treatment and analysis processes, increasing their quality and reliability of supply to end consumers. Includes the need to improve the process of monitoring and management control, increasing the financial monitoring of business plans and budgets of the company;

Enhancement of the organization and the human resources of the company, thanks to the optimization of the organizational model 

Training and capacity building to EAGB Staff. Needs assessment of EAGB’s staff was carried out leading to a training plan that has been delivered on a hands-on approach and specific technical training in class in Bissau.