Implemention emergency measures to minimize the effects of drought in the metropolitan area of Maputo

Thematic Area
Sustainable Development and International Cooperation
Maputo, Mozambique
Application Areas
Water Services
Central Administration
Mitigate the Effects of Drought in Maputo Metropolitan Area Redux
Mitigate the effects of Drought in Maputo Metropolitan Area redux



The critical situation of water storage in the Pequenos Libombos dam that occurred in 2016 and early 2017 led to the urgent adoption of measures to minimize the impact of the restrictions on dam discharges. One of the conclusions to be drawn from the mission, resulting of request for support to the Portugal is the importance of launching emergency measures of a complementary nature to maximize their effectiveness and to converge to a good relation between the investment and its return or impact.


  • Carry out emergency interventions in the water supply system to the Maputo Metropolitan Area to minimize the impacts of lack of water


Geophysical study and drilling;
Installation and testing of equipment;

Carrying out flow tests in holes;
Construction and installation and testing of equipment in the holes to be reactivated;

Program of management and active control of losses and leaks in the Umbeluzi SAA:
Functional diagnosis to the system;
Preparation of Action Plan;
Reuse of washing water in the Umbeluzi ETA;
Elaboration of feasibility study and terms of reference for consultation.

Next challenges

•  Follow up on the awareness campaign;
• Capacitation on the Control of Water Losses;
• Further mobilization of groundwaters.