Training of technicians of the company of Electricity and Waters of Guiné Bissau (EAGB)

Thematic Area
Water and Cities
Application Areas
Water Services
Local or Regional Administration
Water supply in the peripheral zone
Aerial view of Bissau
Infrastructure registration
Maintenance of water pumping station



The project aimed at strengthening the capacities of EAGB (the Guinea Bissau Electricity and Water Company), contributing to its organizational and operational development, through the creation of an infrastructural information system and improved control of the quality of water supplied to the population.

Ensure the goals set by Guinea Bissau for the evolution of quality levels of water supply services, within a framework of economic and financial sustainability.


  • Create competencies in the technical staff of the EAGB contributing to an efficient organization that provides a quality service.
  • Support the performance of the EAGB to make it more efficient and sustainable.
  • Increased coverage rates and access to water to improve the quality of life of populations.


Improvement of the Operation and Maintenance Processes of the Water Supply Systems, using the good practices transmitted by the AdP technicians, and enabling the technicians to manage the EAGB in an efficient and sustainable way.

Train EAGB technicians to work with correct procedures and improve the register of water supply infrastructures.

Next challenges

Continue to support the improvement of the services quality provided by EAGB to the population.


Contribute to the improvement of the water quality distributed to the populations.


Prepare the EAGB for the new challenges, in particular those of ongoing climate change.


Make AdP I a benchmark company in the West African Coast market.