Agricultural Projects in influence areas of six Dams at Cape Verde

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Cabo Verde
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Development of Agricultural Projects in influence areas of six Dams: Salineiro, Faveta, Saquinho, Figueira Gorda, Canto Cagarra e Banca Furada

These developments constitute an important milestone in the development of agriculture Cape Verde, for his contribution to the welfare of the people and strengthening of the markets in agricultural products.

Formation of future beneficiaries in the areas of: production, agricultural economy, land use and water and irrigation systems and technologies.


Studies for the Agricultural Valuation in Influence Areas of Dams - integrates inquiries to characterize the area of influence in order to characterize the types of farmers present, the cultures and their production technologies

Hydroagricultural Projects in Influence Areas of Dams - comprises the design of irrigation networks of distribution and other water infrastructure

Plan for Training of Future Beneficiaries in Area of ​​Influence Dam - preparation of training plan and conducting formation