Universidade de Évora

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Science and education organisations
Teaching, Training, Capacitation and dissemination
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The University of Évora was the second university to be created in Portugal, in 1559.


The University of Évora is one of the universities of the Portuguese public higher education system and its mission is:

  • The production of knowledge trough scientific and artistic investigation, experimentation and technological and humanistic development;
  • The socialization of knowledge, providing the traditional student population as well as the working population, academic qualification through undergraduate, master and doctoral courses, ad hoc training courses and informal lifelong training;
  • The transmission of knowledge to the community for innovation and business competitiveness, as well as the modernization of public services and the social and cultural development of the community as a whole;


The University of Évora looks at the region in which it belongs, the Alentejo, choosing it as the preferred target of its effort to socialize knowledge, the European Union with which it shares the same human, cultural and scientific values, the neighboring regions with which it will primarily establish strategic partnerships, and the Portuguese-speaking countries to which it will seek to extend its mission, while at the same time not forgetting that the preparation of students must always take into account the global "world" in which we live today.