Renato Azenha, Lda

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Renato Azenha Lda is a private drilling company, dedicated to the execution of groundwater abstraction boreholes in Portugal and Mozambique, having a geographic scope that covers the entire national territory and Mozambique in Africa. The Company's managers have always been concerned with forming a school of technical staff and upgraded equipment, guaranteeing the efficiency, quality and innovation of the works to be carried out. Nowadays, derived from a reputation earned over the years based on work, integrity and personalization of services provided, it is proud to be considered one of the largest companies in the industry.

Renato Azenha has an activity of great specificity within the field of applied geology, developing in particular:

- borehole construction and installation of pumping and water treatment systems.

· Focusing also on training technical staff and acquiring equipment in order to guarantee the efficiency and quality of construction of the works to be performed.

In Mozambique, the activity goes also from the design stage, through implementation and also inspection. In Mozambique we have developed projects of drilling of water supply boreholes for deprived areas and water deficit, constructed boreholes of capture, systems of stores and fountains for the rural populations. We have also been active in the implementation of water supply and sanitation systems.


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