Municipia, E.M., S.A. - Empresa de Cartografia e Sistemas de Informação

Type of entity
Consulting and project design
Project management and supervision
Geographical areas
Detection and Georeferencing of Buried Infrastructures
Register of the Water Distribution and Sanitation Network
GIS OpenSource software
Public Lighting Register
CCTV Inspection
Digital Data Acquisition
Georeferencing Equipment (GPS)
Surveying Equipment (ET)
Data Model



Municípia was founded in 1999, as a result of a group of Municipalities that desired to set up a Company capable of responding to the pressing needs for planning, land use management and development of GIS solutions.

With a Shareholder Structure corresponding to 50% of the Portuguese Municipalities, the responsibility with public and private clients has always been the driving force of our activity.

Municípia is a company that operates with full autonomy in the production of aerial and terrestrial geographical data, technical characterization of infrastructures, WebGIS and GIS solutions development, risk analysis and mapping, GIS consulting, computer application development and training.



Supporting our clients with know-how and Geographical Information Technologies that enable them to raise technical, operational and organizational areas to effective levels of management, where location is the key point.



Consolidating our premium partner position for all sectors where geographical location brings value, through innovation and continuous improvement.



A Management Team focused on client satisfaction and a highly qualified and dedicated Technical Staff ensure that the projects are executed as best as possible every day.



Promoting relationships of Trust with our clients, taking on commitments and an attitude of Responsibility that reflects the strength of our Shareholder Structure.

Developing projects based on Quality and Sustainability.


Av. Prof. Dr. Cavaco Silva, Edifício Ciência II, número 11, 3º B,


2740-120 Porto Salvo – Portugal

GPS:  38.737182,-9.304986

Phone: +351 21 422 82 00

Fax: +351 21 422 82 05