Conselho Nacional da Água

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The Potuguese National Water Council (CNA) is the independent government advisory council for the sustainable water planning and management. In it are represented the Public Administration, the Municipalities and the main scientific, economic, professional and non-governmental organizations connected to the diverse uses of water. The CNA is the national forum for transversal discussion of the policy of management of Portuguese water resources, in an integrative perspective of the social, economic and environmental interests involved. Its main objective is to monitor the development and implementation of plans and projects with relevance to the use and protection of water systems, covering surface waters - inland, estuarine and coastal - their beds, banks and ecosystems, as well as groundwaters. Specifically, it is the responsibility of the CNA to assess and monitor the drafting of the National Water Plan (PNA), the River Basin Management Plans (PGRH) and other relevant water plans and projects. The CNA also formulates or appreciates strategic options for the sustainable management of portuguese water resources.