APEMETA – Associação Portuguesa de Empresas de Tecnologias Ambientais/ Portuguese Association of Environmental Technology Companies

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APEMETA - Portuguese Association of Environmental Technology Companies - is a private and non-profit business association with the goal of supporting the activity and entrepreneurship in the sector. It is also an ENGO. Over its 25 years of existence it has gained the status of public utility while providing its associates several services like support to activities related to general management, internationalization and innovation and technology transfer processes as well as legal support. Throughout the annual organization of several seminars on the main environmental themes (waste, water, energy, soil, noise, etc), APEMETA gathers the main stakeholders (public and private companies and entities, government, universities, etc), fostering reflection and debate, promoting and disseminating technologies and technological trends. These events gather not only our more than 170 associated companies but also the remaining of the sector. Complementary APEMETA promotes several training courses within its annual plan or tailor-made to companies, develops projects with its associates (I&D, environmental education, etc) and disseminates information through its monthly newsletter. Over the years APEMETA has published specific reports on the environmental sector and, in particular, about its internationalization potential and has provided important information on international markets while building a considerable number of international partnerships with more than 50 entities worldwide. APEMETA has also been promoting internationalization mainly with the help of Portuguese and European Community funding programs, through support actions encompassing the promotion/direct participation of Portuguese companies on international fairs of the environmental sector and the organization of missions and business meetings in international markets.


APEMETA - Associação Portuguesa de Empresas de Tecnologias Ambientais/Portuguese Association of Environmental Technology Companies

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