AGS - Administração e Gestão de Sistemas de Salubridade, S.A.

Type of entity
Technical Assistance
Consulting and project design
Teaching, Training, Capacitation and dissemination
Products and Equipments supply
Operation and Maintenance
Geographical areas
Central and South America
AGS Water Solutions
Promoting efficiency and sustainability
Contributing to the environmental preservation
Adding value and promoting sustainability in public services


AGS – Administração e Gestão de Sistemas de Salubridade, SA is a privately held company established in 1988, with a share capital of 29,000,000€, currently owned by Marubeni and INCJ (Innovation Network Corporation of Japan). AGS focuses on the preservation of the environment, acting throughout the entire water cycle. Its activities range from consultancy and development of specialized engineering services to the management, operation, and maintenance of urban water systems and treatment facilities, namely:


  • Operation and maintenance;
  • Infrastructure asset management;
  • Non-revenue water management;
  • Inflow and infiltration control;
  • Network optimization;
  • Performance assessment;
  • Risk management;
  • Energy efficiency;
  • Information management.


AGS adapts to the needs of its clients and partners, and can adopt different types of contractual schemes, such as concessions, institutionalized public-private partnerships, and service provision. It currently operates in Europe, South America and Asia.


Rita Almeida

Engineering Director

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AGS | Administração e Gestão de Sistemas de Salubridade, SA

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Paulo Faria de Oliveira

Business Development

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AGS | Administração e Gestão de Sistemas de Salubridade, SA - BRAZIL

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