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AdP Internacional is a company of AGUAS DE PORTUGAL GROUP, responsible for the development of AGUAS DE PORTUGAL international operations. We promote the universality, continuity and quality of the water services, within a framework of social, economic and environmental sustainability.

Our mission is to provide water supply and sanitation services internationally, leveraging the experience, know-how and technological solutions of the Group AdP - Águas de Portugal. The Group AdP also contributes to the international projection of the Portuguese water cluster and the implementation of cooperation initiatives for development in line with the 2030 SDG.
We support the Portuguese government in the implementation of the international cooperation agenda for development in the water supply and sanitation sectors. 

The development of AdP Group capacities and competences within the national market has enabled its international expansion acting as showcase for the skills and capacity of the Group.

Outside the Portuguese territory, the AdP Group through AdP Internacional has undertaken a diverse range of technical assistance and water and wastewater concessionary projects in countries including Angola, Algeria, Brazil, Cape Verde, Timor-Leste, Morocco, Mozambique (with our subsidiary Aquatec) and Sao Tome e Principe, funded by multilateral institutions and in association with local partners and NGO´s.



AdP Internacional - Serviços Ambientais S.A.

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INFRA MAIS-Increase in operational resilience of supply systems facing climate change
Assistência Técnica aos Sistemas de Abastecimento de Água e Saneamento de Benguela, Lobito Catumbela e Baía Farta
Climate-resilient Water Sector in Grenada (G-CREWS) – Consultancy in water resource management and water utility management
EVA - Water Efficiency and Valorization- XAI XAI
European Investment Bank (EIB) Financing Management Unit for Angola
HAPI - Hands-on Analysis for Performance Indicators
Implementation of Water Quality Monitoring Plans - Northern part of Angola - Cabinda, Zaire, Bengo, Kwanza Norte, Malanje and Uige
Implementation the Díli Sanitation and Drainage Master Plan
Implemention emergency measures to minimize the effects of drought in the metropolitan area of Maputo
International Cooperation between AdP an d ONEE in the areas of water supply and basic sanitation.
MAAIS I and II - Improving Water Supply, Infrastructures And Population Awareness
Management Contract for Capacity Building, Operation and Maintenance Cunene Water and Sanitation Utility (EASC)
Management Contract for Capacity Building, Operation and Maintenance of Bengo Provincial Water and Sanitation Utility (EPASBENGO)
Management Contract of the Water Supply Services in Mozambique: Nampula, Beira, Pemba and Quelimane
Management of Infrastructures for Water Supply in Geographic Information System (GIS) Tool at Guinea-Bissau
Management, operations and maintenence services for Huila Province water supply systems
Operator under a service contract with EAGB
Preparation of Proposals for Master Plan for the Municipal Capitals Water Supply and Sanitation (Ainaro-Maliana-Suai)
Rehabilitation and construction of the water supply system in Ataúro Island
Roadmap for the creation and establishment of the Cunene Water Supply and Sanitation Company
Roadmap on the Prevention and Management of Conflicts in Water Uses
Study of the tariff model for the Mozambique Water Regulatory Council
Support to the World Bank on the Utility of the Future Initiative
TA - Institutional Support to the development of the Water and Sanitation Sectors in Angola
TA to CRA: Provision of Consulting Services for the Development and Implementation of the Water Safety Plan
Technical Assistance for Establishment of the Provincial Water Supply and Sanitation Utility of Kwanza Sul (Sumbe)
Technical Assistance to the Implementation of Control System of the Water Quality in East Timor
Technical Assistance to the O&M of Water Supply and Sanitation Systems of Huambo
Technical Assistance to the O&M of Water Supply and Sanitation Systems of Uige
Technical Assistance to the Water and Sanitation Provincial Directorate of Caxito
Technical Assistance to Águas de Santiago: Training and Reinforcement of Commercial and Operational Management
Technical advice to the Kilamba Kiaxi Municipality and support the development of its Water and Waste Water Sector Master Plan
Training and Capacity Building Project of the Cape Verde National Water and Sanitation Agency in Water Supply Risk Management
Training of technicians of the company of Electricity and Waters of Guiné Bissau (EAGB)
Twinning Partnership Program between the State Amelioration and Water Management Committee -SAWMC- and AdP International
Water Supply Development Project of Santiago Island